• 5 October 2022

Customizing Wallet Warning Threshold feature has been added to ArvanCloud User Panel in response to users’ needs.

One of the most important concerns of ArvanCloud users has been running out of wallet balance and having problems with their services. Previously, it was not possible to set an arbitrary amount to receive a warning at the end of the wallet balance, and by default, when the wallet balance reached 80%, a warning was sent to the users.

To ensure that users can be notified of their remaining credit properly, ArvanCloud’s middleware team has provided a customizable wallet threshold feature. By default, this amount is considered to be 2 euros.

To change your wallet limit, go to Profile Setting > Notifications Setting and enter your preferred wallet limit under “Account Credit Ending”.  Also, in this section, you can decide to receive an email and text message when the balance of the wallet is less than the threshold.

With this feature, users can use ArvanCloud services more easily.

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