• 30 September 2022

In the Winter of 2021, the Active Health Check feature was added to the ArvanCloud Content Distribution Network (CDN) for monitoring, managing, and automatically notifying the errors in the origin servers. This product also allowed users to receive the HTTPS certificate automatically.

In addition to the opening of Shahriar data center in Tabriz city, the product infrastructure of the ArvanCloud Cloud Servers was expanded to provide continuous and more stable services.

The ability of Disk Management was added to the ArvanCloud Container Service. Moreover, the Source to Image feature of this product was improved

Releasing the ArvanCloud Object Storage WordPress plugin, adding analytical reports to the ArvanCloud Video Platform, and the possibility of creating different levels of access to the ArvanCloud workspace were among other updates of Winter 2021.

The Latest Updates in CDN, Cloud Security, and ArvanCloud DNS

  • Improvement of the CDN Apps section of the ArvanCloud Marketplace
    • The possibility of voting for applications
    • Ability to add photos and text to the description section of the application
    • The possibility of searching for applications
    • Creating categories of applications
  • Added Active Health Check and new features to it
    • Ability to monitor the status of origin servers from different geographical locations
    • The possibility of sending emails when facing an error in the status of the origin servers
    • The ability to stop sending traffic to servers with issues until they are resolved
    • Ability to set Timeout and Retry Time for monitoring
    • Adding Off to monitoring status
    • Ability to clear monitoring for clusters
    • The possibility of viewing the latest update applied in monitoring by the user
  • Added the possibility to get an HTTPS certificate automatically based on DNS records
  • Automatic update of HTTPS certificate based on updates in DNS records
  • Added the ability to edit and delete CAA and TLSA DNS records in the user panel
  • Added the ability to search in Host and select the desired period in the three sections of traffic, users, and requests on the reports page for the growth package and above
  • New firewall release for enterprise users
    • The possibility of making AND and OR for the rules
    • Ability to filter incoming requests based on various HTTP protocol parameters such as header, cookie, referee, etc.
    • The possibility of using different operators such as ==, !=, contains, not contain, start with and end with
    • Possibility to use regex as operator
    • Ability to view the created rule with Wireshark filter format
  • Added CNAME Setup feature for subdomains transferred to ArvanCloud without changing NS and getting HTTPS certificate for them
    • The possibility of creating a domain by launching it through CNAME records for users with the enterprise package
    • Ability to add monitoring fault threshold and default pool to Load Balancer
    • Ability to obtain a certificate via HTTP-01 challenge for domains launched with a CNAME record
    • Ability to convert domains to a domain set up with a CNAME record
  • HTTPS certificate conversion from RSA format to ECDSA at the request of enterprise users to support legacy Android devices
  • Added WAF and Firewall rules to prevent attacks based on log4j vulnerability
  • Updates in the API section
    • Releasing API of all the features added in the user panel
    • Supporting new DNS records such as CAA and TLSA
    • Added the possibility to filter DNS records
    • Possibility to change the host header of ANAME and CNAME records to whitelisted hosts for domains with the basic package
    • Adding the ability to check SNI and match domain hosts
  • UI/UX improvements
    • New design of CDN Apps page
    • New design of the Firewall settings page
    • Fixed issues reported by users


The Latest Updates in Cloud Server

  • Opening of the first phase of the Shahriar data center in Tabriz
  • Added instance deletion wizard
  • The possibility of migrating the instance to a healthy server when the physical server is unavailable


The Latest Updates in Container Service

  • Added the ability to scale, attach and detach Disks
  • Added the possibility of choosing a custom domain to the application creation process
  • Added the ability to define the initial command in the application creation process
  • Source to Image:
    • Added the possibility of detecting Repository technology in the application creation process
    • Added Auto Deploy by git commit button to the application build process
    • The possibility of manually applying updates to the application after entering the code into the Repository with the addition of the S2I code rebuild button
  • UI/UX improvements:
    • Changed the design of creating a new project section


The Latest Updates in Object Storage

  • Released WordPress Object Storage Plugin
  • Ability to manage Cache settings for buckets
  • Facilitated the deletion of incomplete multipart uploads
  • UI/UX improvements
    • Display the file type in the objects list
    • Possibility of pagination on the objects page


The Latest Updates in Video Platform

  • Ability to upload multiple videos at the same time
  • Updates in the API section:
    • Added Watch time, Traffic, and Play_count reports to Live
    • Added Watch time, Traffic, and Play_count reports to VOD
  • ArvanCloud Player:
    • Ability to scale the player
    • Ability to choose Preload mode between downloading Metadata or initial audio/video frames
    • Ability to choose to automatically hide the Control Bar after a few seconds
    • Ability to change Title by API on the user side
    • Supporting Vue and React frameworks
  • UI/UX improvements
    • Added mouse hover for the Play button before starting playback
    • Scaled the Play button according to the length and width of the page where the player is loaded
    • Changed the order of items in the Sidebar menu


The Latest Updates in Support

  • Ability to choose the type of request when submitting a ticket


The Latest Updates Made by the Middleware Team

  • The possibility of creating an ArvanCloud user account with Google and Pod
  • The possibility of logging into an ArvanCloud account with Google and Pod
  • The Possibility to buy ArvanCloud products with Pay-pod and Pod
  • Added a button to send confirmation code to email on the password change page
  • The possibility of creating different levels of access to the ArvanCloud dashboard
  • The possibility of using a single mobile phone number to create multiple user accounts


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