• 30 September 2022

ArvanCloud products and services passed the summer of 2021 with a hand full of new features. Along with the development of products, the number of ArvanCloud customers also exceeded 85,000.

Doubling ArvanCloud’s international infrastructure with the addition of 18 new and free pop sites, the unlimited international traffic of ArvanCloud in the CDN product, the start of the Forough data center, preparations for the launch of the new generation of ArvanCloud ‘s Cloud Server product, support for Static Website as well as the possibility of reporting traffic analysis and the geographic location in Object Storage product, the addition of a free tier to build an application in the Container Service product, and the launch of ArvanCloud’s call center for faster and free responses to all customers were among the most important events of this summer.

Looking at each of the products separately, we will discuss the latest updates in each.


The Latest Updates CDN, Cloud Security, and ArvanCloud DNS

  • Added 18 new pop sites to the international infrastructure
  • Unlimited and free international traffic
  • Significant improvement of Caching features and settings
    • Provided Cache purge of a Page Rule for professional and enterprise customers
    • The possibility of receiving Cache settings directly from the origin servers with the help of the Cache-Control header in the HTTP protocol
    • Cache-control from the origin server in page rules for enterprise clients
    • Ability to add multiple cookies at the same time in Cache settings
    • The possibility of purging cache files based on Cache-tag for professional and higher packages
    • Increased the browser cache setting expiration time to one year
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) improvement
    • Added dynamic parameters to the WAF product
    • Added search feature for WAF rules by rule number
    • Changed and adjusted operations related to specific WAF rules
  • Added the ability to define the CNAME record for root (@) of the domains that are registered as subdomains in the panel (based on the standard)
  • Released new API and user panel of the “Acceleration” module
  • Added the ability to define CDN server connection timeouts with origin servers in page rules for professional and enterprise packages
  • Ability to change domain NSs at the time of ownership change to NSs of the new domain owner
  • The possibility to change the domain’s default NSs to custom NSs in the DNS user panel
  • UI/UX improvements:
    • The new user interface design of the special rules page
    • Designed the user interface of the packages page


The Latest Updates in Cloud Server

  • Started the beta version of the Forough data center with facilities and infrastructure improvements
    • Changed the architecture of the data center network infrastructure and used equipment with higher capacity and stability than in the past
    • The possibility of using local disk, with lower latency and higher IOPS for particular purposes, especially databases
    • Greater stability of inter-server connections with a change in SDN network architecture to enable private networking
    • Provided more ease to users by changing the way of creating instances
    • Added the possibility to create an instance on different disks by separating the disk management section in the instance creation process
    • Ease of taking snapshots with new updates to the snapshot process
    • Backing up instances, being able to download them, and protecting instances when there is an issue with the physical hardware
    • Improving disk performance in the Forough data center by optimizing the storage infrastructure
    • Dramatically increased the speed of resolving issues by optimizing the development infrastructure
    • Changed the instance creation method in Forough data center to volume backed
    • Changed the resize and rebuild page for Forough data center instances
  • The possibility of adding several private networks to instances
  • The possibility of adding a new public IP to instances
  • Possibility of a hard reboot
  • UI/UX improvements
    • Added a new page of networks in the panel with internet sections, floating IPs, and private network
    • Changed the design of the data centers page
    • Added quota page
    • Improvement of panel errors in all parts
    • Changed the batch operation message in the panel

The Latest Updates in Object Storage

  • The possibility of converting a bucket into a website for static websites
  • The possibility of reporting, including traffic analysis and geographic location
  • Added SDK documentation for new languages
    • JavaScript
    • .NET
    • Go
  • UI/UX Improvements
    • Improved the user interface of dashboard pages
    • Improved the user interface of the upload pages and displaying files
    • Ability to copy and save object address or temporary link in Clipboard
    • Ability to choose the number of objects displayed on each page for users


The Latest Updates in Container Service

  • Added free tier to build an application
  • Added the possibility of downloading the log of a container
  • UI/UX improvements:
    • Added web socket to the Container Service panel
    • New UIKit in Container Service panel
    • Grouped applications related to each catalog
    • Improved the user interface of the catalogs section

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