• 5 October 2022

This spring has ended for ArvanCloud company; while in addition to adding new features to the products, the ground has been prepared for more enormous updates in the following seasons.
In this season, the possibility of setting up CNAME, a unique feature for SaaS Providers, was added to ArvanCloud Content Distribution Network (CDN). This feature makes it easy to transfer the traffic of a subdomain to ArvanCloud CDN.
The integration of the ArvanCloud Cloud Server product with the ArvanCloud Object Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Amazon S3, adding watch time, traffic, and the number of broadcasts analysis with various possibilities for personalization to the ArvanCloud Video Platform, the possibility of defining a custom domain to the ArvanCloud Object Storage and the possibility of using the payment gateway for the Container Service are other updates in the ArvanCloud products in the last season.

The Latest Updates in CDN, Cloud Security, and ArvanCloud DNS

  • Added a filter based on the time frame and hosts to the reports section
  • Domain set up with CNAME for enterprise customers
  • Released a new version of the log-forwarding feature
  • Updates in the API section:
    • Added Troubleshooting for different domain settings
    • The ability to copy the main settings of a domain to another domain that belongs to the same user account
    • Development of new APIs to send logs according to the new infrastructure
    • Certificate:
        •  Ability to convert ECDSA key to RSA for professional and enterprise package customers
        •  Store the type of key (ECDSA/RSA) through which the ArvanCloud certificate was obtained
    • Added priority change API for new Load Balancer
    • Improved document naming of APIs
    • Ability to filter based on multiple types of DNS records
    • Added Verify_SNI feature for enterprise customers

The Latest Updates in Cloud Server

  • The possibility of backing up instances
  • The possibility of downloading the instance Backup files
  • Uploading instance Backup in the Object Storage of ArvanCloud, Amazon, and DigitalOcean
  • Updates in the API section:
    • Ability to download Backup
    • Creating an instance from Snapshot
    • The possibility of uploading backup to the Object Storage
    • The possibility of creating a disk from Snapshot
    • Ability to create, list, and delete instance backups
    • The possibility of transferring instances between the two data centers of Mobinnet and Forough

The Latest Updates in Video Platform

  • Updated Video Platform pricing
  • Infrastructure migration to ArvanCloud Object Storage
  • Displaying videos watch time in the user panel
  • Possibility of a multi-zone live broadcast by adding Asiatech servers
  • The possibility of receiving reports through the panel and API:
    • Watch Time
    • Traffic
    • Play Count

The Latest Updates in Object Storage

  • The possibility of defining a custom domain in the ArvanCloud Object Storage

The Latest Updates in Container Service

  • The possibility of using Zibal payment gateways
  •  Private network and dedicated IP redesign
    •  Ability to add multiple Mount Paths to the application
    •  The possibility of connecting free disks to the application
    • Separation of protocol inputs and target port number for Port Mapping
    • The possibility of creating ports with different types of ports and protocols (TCP, UDP)
    • Ability to edit Public IPs

The Latest Updates Made by The Middleware Team

  • Added the possibility to activate the discount code by the user in the panel
  • Display the list of discount codes used by the user in the discounts section of the panel


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