• 30 September 2022

In the fall of 2021, ArvanCloud products and services provided new facilities to users considering their continuous improvement. In Fall, two new pop sites in Milan and Stockholm were added to the international infrastructure of the ArvanCloud content distribution network. Also, according to the CDNPerf report and the Real User Metrics index, this product is among the global CDN service providers with a significant improvement, above the top service providers such as Cloudflare and Azure.

In the past season, the Local Storage solution was added to the Cloud Server product, the basic package for free usage was added to the Container Service product, and the possibility of bulk deletion of objects and loading the contents of a folder was added to the ArvanCloud Object Storage product.

The release of the latest version of the ArvanCloud video platform player with more customization features and adding new features to the support panel for easier communication with customers were other updates for ArvanCloud in the Fall of 2021.

ArvanCloud published a changelog page in the Fall to provide updated information about the latest updates and new product features. By checking out this page, users can be aware of the process of changes and the latest updates of ArvanCloud products by selecting different timeframes.

The Latest Updates in CDN, Cloud Security, and ArvanCloud DNS:

  • Added two new pop sites
    • Stockholm:
    • Milan:
  • Added marketplace updates (category and rating) to APIs
  • Improved Active Health Check APIs
    • Released Active Health Check in beta version for some users
    • Improved performance of Active Health Check APIs
    • Added Active Health Check reporting API
  • Improved Caching settings and features
    • Support for 15 minutes Caching
    • Added Cache-tag Purge to the packages page
    • Ability to purge cache based on tag
  • Enabled Smart Routing for enterprise users by requesting support
  • Security features improvement:
    • Web Firewall (WAF); improved the initial loading of the list of IPs on the firewall page
    • Web Firewall (WAF); Added advanced firewall
    • Web Firewall (WAF); Ability to apply SNI check to firewall settings
    • DDoS Protection; Ability to apply Preflight settings to DDoS settings
    • Log4j vulnerability solution
  • Ability to search @ in DNS records
  • Supporting Persian DNS records
  • Ability to filter reports based on a subdomain for users with growth package and above
  • New admin API for batch operations (Delete, Pause, Unpause, Suspend, and Unsuspend) on domains based on ID
  • Released the latest SSL module for new domains
  • UI/UX improvements:
    • New design of Load Balancing panel
    • UI improvements for the Purge by Tag feature
    • New design of the Active Health Check page


The Latest Updates in Cloud Server

  • Added guides
  • English panel updates
  • Changed the last pages of the instance creation process
  • Added a cloud removal page
  • Changed the instance details toolbar
  • The possibility of choosing the type and number of disks when creating an instance
  • Added Local Storage solution


The Latest Updates in Container Service

  • Added basic package for free usage


The Latest Updates in Object Storage


  • Replacement of hourly packages instead of monthly packages
  • Display the time of the dashboard statistics last update
  • Show the start and end times of packages in the dashboard
  • Created a dedicated page to explain the function and how to create a static website
  • Ability to select and delete a group of objects
  • Ability to load multiple files or the contents of a folder at the same time
  • Ability to stop uploading all files


The Latest Updates in Video Platform

  • Released the new version of the ArvanCloud player
    • Applied a new theme
    • Supporting more aspect ratios
    • The possibility of scaling the player to any size
    • More compatible with touch screens and mobile phones
    • Possibility to set EventListener on different events on the user side
    • Enabled users to change configs and behavior of the player on the user side
    • Added “Tap to Unmute” button for when media starts in silent mode
    • Added shortcuts to buttons
    • Added Persian and English tooltips
    • The ability to change the language of the “Skip Ad” button based on the player’s language
    • The ability to call the player from within JavaScript on the user side


The Latest Updates in Support

  • Improved the process of measuring customer satisfaction from ArvanCloud support
  • Increased the time of closing the user ticket to 72 hours after the first support response
  • Added the possibility of closing the ticket by the user
  • Improved file uploading process
    • Increased the file upload size to 25 MB
    • Ability to stop uploading all files
  • Added a new department named Financial Department to the set of departments
    • Select the request type after selecting the Financial Department


For more information, Check out the ArvanCloud Changelog page.

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