• 30 September 2022

GlassDollar introduced ArvanCloud as the 7th fastest growing startup in Germany in November 2020. The company published the list of top 100 startups in Germany in November.

In celebration of Germany’s impressive innovation ecosystem and the entrepreneurs that make it so, GlassDollar curates a monthly list of the top 100 fastest-growing startups in the country.

Emma The Sleep Company, VYTAL, BABLE, Cosuno, charly.education, neurocat, ArvanCloud, Hasty.ai, Isar Aerospace, and Schuttflix are the top 10 companies on the November list.

It is the first time that ArvanCloud enters this ranking. ArvanCloud ranked 7th in the November ranking.

The evaluation is based on 17,000 German companies that fall into the startup grid due to their technology-savvy and scalable business model.

Glassdollar measured growth based on the size and buzz around the company. The most crucial factor is the new hires. Besides, the financing, website views, and the number of followers on social media are also included in the index value. The underlying data comes from the industry services Dealroom and Crunchbase, the commercial register, LinkedIn, and the company website. ArvanCloud recorded 33% growth in team size, 7% in social media, and 23% in web traffic in November (ended 16th Dec).

Startups in the areas of online trading, software, digital health services, and artificial intelligence have come through the Corona crisis particularly well so far. This is shown by evaluating the top 100 fastest growing startups in Germany, which the Berlin analysis company Glassdollar has created. The ranking gives insights into current technology trends and lists promising newcomers that only professional investors have on their radar.

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