• 5 October 2022
Turkey cdn

ArvanCloud started offering its services in Turkey’s market by launching the first PoP-site in Istanbul. By launching this PoP-site earlier this year, ArvanCloud became one of the 12 CDN providers in Turkey.

ArvanCloud’s integrated infrastructure would enable Turkey businesses to manage their domains’ DNS free of charge, fast, and secure. It also helps them through its CDN platform to deliver their website content to an unlimited number of audiences worldwide from the nearest geolocation that would decrease loading-time and maintain the best quality.

ArvanCloud entered Turkey by launching one CDN PoP site in Istanbul, early 2020. The company aims to provide Turkey’s websites and online businesses with cutting-edge technology, more security, cost-effective solutions, and more features than competitors.

We see that Covid-19 pushed almost all business sectors to go online especially small and medium-sized businesses. It is important for ArvanCloud to offer its services in countries that enjoy more home-based services or products, to facilitate the use of cloud services for everyone and help these businesses to recover rapidly.

ArvanCloud provides its solutions to customers in more than 38 countries. Anycast network, Web Acceleration, DDoS Protection, Waf, Firewall, Video CDN, and Live Streaming are among ArvanCloud solutions. The company offers most of its features free of charge and on pay-as-you-go plans.

The company provides many solutions with several features in its free tier. They include Managed DNS with unlimited traffic and Advance DDoS Protection, full features of CDN solution up to 50 GB in every geographical region (Europe, Austria, Asia, and America), Cloud Security services, and full features Video CDN (VoD streaming) up to 10 GB.

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