• 5 October 2022

The CDN provider, ArvanCloud, in a great jump towards closing its distance with its rivals, has added 18 new PoP-sites in dominant international traffic spots. With this huge step, now ArvanCloud has PoPs all around the globe, from Sydney to California and from São Paulo to Johannesburg.

This expansion makes websites using ArvanCloud services be more accessible and provide better response time to their end users. New PoP-sites of the CDN provider are located in Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Frankfort, Madrid, Moscow, Rotterdam, Warsaw, Dubai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and São Paulo.

Employing these PoP-sites, the CDN solution of the ArvanCloud now can determine the geo-location of website visitors more accurately and delivers the website content from the nearest route to them. Therefore, websites’ loading times areconsiderably improved.

Besides infrastructural developments and constantly delivering new product features, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) of ArvanCloud, which is the most demanding product of the company, currently serves 40 thousand customers from 43 countries. The CDN solution stood among the top 10 most used service providers in the world for two consecutive years.

Customers from India, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Argentina, Egypt, the Philippines, and China form most of the international user-base of ArvanCloud, based on its annual report.

ArvanCloud CDN is one of the few Content Delivery Networks in the industry that offers Smart Routing, thus each new PoP-site could enhance the performance of ArvanCloud users dramatically.

Smart routing is a feature that during network congestion or connection latency automatically redirects users through substitute routs by selecting the best and shortest routes for delivering requests to provide the end users with a better experience.

As result, more stability would be provided to CDN users. All users of this solution, besides experiencing an improved loading time and better accessibility, are more resilient towards DDoS attacks.

The table of the world’s most used CDN still records a top 10 rank for ArvanCloud CDN. It is expected that with the number of PoP-sites being doubled and loading time improved as well as accessibility and stability being enhanced, performance and speed in the W3Tech world ranking and also the number of users of ArvanCloud CDN solution continues its profound growth. Currently, ArvanCloud CDN serves its customers with a remarkable 99.99 uptime.

ArvanCloud aims to compete with the most dominant world players in developing infrastructure and products. CDN users of this cloud service provider can customize various features of CDN solution based on their needs, and deliver their services to their users.

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